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Amiee's Story

When doTERRA came into my life, I was not new to the idea of network marketing. A few years prior I had worked with another company and was left to fend for myself with no support of an upline, team, or education on how to build the business. My results ended horribly and left with a negative perspective on the world of network marketing. When my journey with doTERRA began, I loved the product and what the company stood for. But I was adamant about never venturing into the business side for fear of what may happen again. After saying no multiple times beforehand, nine months into my oil journey, my husband came home from a nine-month deployment and I finally decided to give the business a shot. Our finances had changed, and I loved the idea of being able to work from home. Thankfully, this company is different. Instead of being left to figure the business out myself, my amazing upline was there to help launch it. Between our community of fellow oil builders and the awesome resources our team has in place, my business exploded and continues to grow each day. Together, my team has changed the lives of thousands of families and it’s only the beginning.

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You Can Be Successful Too!

After a short seven months of building my business, I reached the rank of Gold. From there, I quickly proceeded to the rank of Platinum and Diamond. While some may say I worked hard teaching classes and educating people on the benefits of essential oils, the truth is, I’m just doing what I love. If you love helping others, if you consider yourself natural minded, if you want to experience financial freedom, or if you’re a mother looking to improve their family’s health, finances and overall well-being, I encourage you to join my team. My team prides themselves in continued education, a respectable comradery, and duplication. Ultimately, we don’t sell essential oils, we build relationships. Working with a knowledeable and successful team can help you have the success you’ve always wanted and deserved. You can have complete financial freedom, all while helping others lead a healthier, more natural way of life. If you’re ready to make a positive change in your life, what better time to begin than now?

"I never could have imagined how much this business would change my life when I decided to take lock arms with Amiee to serve others by providing education about these amazing gifts of the earth. I am constantly showing up as a better version of myself and helping others experience the same sense of empowerment on this journey to make a positive impact on the world by providing education about health and wellness!"

-Jonnah Coffel, Gold Wellness Advocate

“I hit the jackpot with Amiee! I was able to reach the rank of Gold in under a year. It has been the ride of my life! The beauty of this business is that I’m always growing and striving. Once I realized my passion is in changing people’s lives with oils, everything started to happen! My ‘why’ for doing this is: to get oils in the medicine cabinets of every family I know and meet. And the result: so much gratitude from those who say yes for doTERRA changing their lives; and I get to be a part of that. This is the BEST job on the EARTH!”

-Jessica Edstrom, Platinum Wellness Advocate 

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