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Why You Shouldn't Buy Essential Oils on Amazon

One of the questions I get asked a lot is what the difference is between purchasing oils from Amazon and purchasing with their own wholesale account. I believe this topic is something everyone should know about.

Don’t get me wrong, I Prime almost every week and sometimes multiple times a week. It’s such a time and money saver with 4 busy kids at home. However, if you’re purchasing your essential oils (yes, even doTERRA essential oils) off Amazon, do you really know if you’re truly getting what you paid for? How do you know that oil hasn’t been tampered with? Those concerns can be a very unsettling thought.

When you purchase your essential oils through someone like myself, you have the comfort of knowing your products are exactly what they say they are, our Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils. It’s so easy to tamper with those little brown bottles. Someone can easily pop the small plastic oriface off the top of the bottle and replace it with a new, sealed one. With that being said, I would much rather have doTERRA backing my purchase instead of someone else I don’t know.

The next and probably the most important part of purchasing your essential oils from someone like myself is the education you’ll receive on how to use them. When you purchase your oils from Amazon, you won’t have the support system there to help answer all your questions and show you how to safely use them. When you choose to purchase them from me, not only will you help support a small business, but you’ll also receive support from myself and fellow team members in a lot of ways. 

We have a private Facebook page where you can learn about your new oils and ask questions. You’ll also have access for our free and private events, such as Oil Camp, Oil Camp 2, Wellness Wednesdays, and How to get the Most of your Membership. Besides all of the social media perks, you’ll also receive a 5 part educational email series from myself and sit down for a 30 minute personalized wellness consult with me. There I can answer all your questions and show you how to safely use your oils. You’ll also receive a welcome kit from myself with a bunch of valuable information and goodies from me. 

Also, did you know when you become a wholesale member you’ll receive all of your purchases at 25% off the retail price!? Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to earn lots of free products AND be eligible for a lot of giveaways. Who doesn’t love free stuff!? In total, I earn up to 55% back every month, just for being a wholesale customer. How amazing is that?

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