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Restful Sleep

It’s the phrase I hear the most when talking with others...”I can’t sleep”. 

The older we get, the harder it can be to shut our brains off and drift into a peaceful sleep. Between work, kids, and all those tasks around the house piling up, how can you sink into that soft pillow and forget about the upcoming day (unless your a man...j/k..😉). 

Achieving a good night’s rest shouldn’t be tough. We need the energy and mental clarity that comes with sleeping well. Plus, the physiological changes that happen with sleeping well are astounding. Did you know that getting a good night’s rest can not only help your memory, but also help with things such as stress, inflammation, heart health, combating seasonal depression, and even weight loss! 😱 #awesome

There are a lot of different products on the market that claim to help you sleep well. While they may work great at first, beware of the potential side effects like needing more of that product to accomplish the same goal. That’s why I love essential oils! They’re not like a sleeping pill or anything that is synthetically designed to put you to sleep. Essential oils are naturally occurring chemicals founds in plants, trees, etc., that have the ability to naturally relax your mind and body so you can drift off into a peaceful sleep. Not only will you sleep well, but you’ll find there are no diminished returns when using them faithfully every night.

How does this combo work? Easy!

Take 2 Serenity softgels and 2 Copaiba softgels 15-30 minutes before crawling into bed. Place 1-2 drops of Cedarwood essential oil on the bottoms of your feet and 1 drop of Serenity essential oil on the back of your neck right before you lay down and you’ll be drifting away into sleep

The best part?

If one of my kiddos wakes up in the middle of the night, I’m still able to function properly in middle of the night mom mode. Plus, you won’t wake up feeling groggy or “drunk” from taking it the night before like other products. 

If you’re using essential oils for sleep, what are your tried and true combinations?

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