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Military Essentials

Updated: May 20, 2019

Every military spouse knows there are things we experience in our marriages and lives that most civilians can’t begin to understand. From those long and drawn out deployments, to the almost consistent, yet ever changing PCS (Permanent Change of Station) orders. 

As a military spouse, we know first hand about the daily challenges our soldiers face. Having the elite title of Household 6 can be rough. Thankfully, that’s where essential oils come in. Throughout the years, I’ve found tremendous luck using my essential oils to help with all those challenging and unique issues.

From selling and renting your house, to all those emotions and stress wrapped up in a deployment. From the lack of sleep with field trainings and the digestive issues with MRE's. Essential oils have my family covered.

👉🏼 My top oils for every military family include:

➕Purify: cleaning the house.

➕Lemon: diffuse when selling and renting, great for cleaning.

➕Balance: calming and relaxing.

➕Serenity: sleep and stress.

➕DigestZen: digestive support after eating an MRE or when your stomach feels off from those emotional moments.

➕Elevation: uplifting and joyful.

➕Peppermint: mental acuity with deployment brain and allergies.

➕Lavender: calming and allergies.

➕Frankincense: combat fatigue, uplifting and immune support.

➕On Guard: immune support.

➕Deep Blue: muscle and joint support during training exercises and before/after PT.

Along with all the amazing essential oils, the Lifelong Vitality Pack multivitamins are designed to bridge the gap in our nutrition deficit. It’s hard to eat perfect, especially when your soldier is in the field or deployed and you’re the sole taxi driver assigned to running you and your children back and forth to various activities. Besides giving your body and brain the nutrition it needs, the Lifelong Vitality Pack multivitamins will also help give you that boost of energy you need.

However, we all have those days when no amount of coffee will help that overall feeling of being run down and tired. Enter Mito 2 Max, dōTERRA’s energy and stamina complex. Mito 2 Max is designed to naturally give us that extra boost of energy we need to get through the day. But without the dreaded crash.

To purchase this kit, comment below for the special link giving you 25% off AND a special welcome gift from me. 

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