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Essential Oils and Dance

It's dance recital time! What better time than now to dust off those essential oil bottles and start putting them to great use. If you know me or my family personally, you know that my older daughter Chloe loves to dance. Whether she’s in the studio, at competitions, or even at home. She loves to practice anywhere she can. However, what you may not have known is that we love to use our beloved essential oils to help in various ways.

•If your daughter is in competition dance like mine, Deep Blue Rub is a fantastic blend to massage into their scalp and help relieve tension if their hairpiece and zip tie are too tight. 

•We love applying Balance on her chest and back of the neck to help ease any pre-performance jitters that may arise.

•After conventions, competitions and long hours spent at the studio, she can get a little sore. We like to apply Copaiba and Aromatouch to bring relief to those minor pain or aches in her body. 

•The Breathe stick gets used frequently in our house. We like to apply it to her chest before practicing, especially during the colder months where congestion and coughing may arise to help her breathe easy and clear.

•Lemongrass is a phenomenal choice to add to the Copaiba and Aromatouch oil mixture to help support her muscle tissues and ligaments.

•If you have a dancer, you know how stinky those shoes can get. We use Purify dropped on a paper towel to help keep those shoes (and dance bags) smelling great.

•Magnolia Touch is my personal choice to help calm the anxiousness I feel waiting on her to perform. It's also a great choice to use on your little dancer as well.

There are so many benefits with using essential oils in sports. Have you tried using essential oils to help your little dancer or athlete? If so, which one is your favorite? 

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