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Adrenal Fatigue

Raise your hand if you’re dealing with things like brain fog, not sleeping well, feeling tired all the time, unexplained weight gain and craving sweet and salty foods. If you raised your hand to any of those, you probably have adrenal fatigue. 

Adrenal fatigue is the result of improper cortisol levels found within the body as a result of chronic stress. As a mom of two sets of twins, how do I not have the common stressors in my life? Keeping up with babies, after school activities, appointments, work, and trying to bounce back after kiddos is tough. Thankfully, there are a lot of great essential oils and products that can help!

Replacing those caffeinated drinks can be hard, but taking high quality supplements like Lifelong Vitality Pack and Mito 2 Max can help a lot. Lifelong Vitality Pack multivitamins are designed to decrease the inflammation in our bodies and give us energy. It also has all the necessary vitamins and minerals in it to help combat adrenal fatigue. Mito 2 Max is another supplement designed to help promote healthy cellular and energy production. Those supplements combined with quality essential oils can be of tremendous help when overcoming adrenal fatigue. 

In a 10mL roller bottle combine:

10 drops Geranium

10 drops Rosemary

10 drops Lemongrass 

10 drops Frankincense 

10 drops Ylang Ylang

10 drops Basil

5 drops Zendocrine 

Fill the remainder with Fractionated coconut oil and roll over your kidneys and bottoms of your feet 2-3 times a day. 

Have you suffered from adrenal fatigue?

If so, how did you overcome it?

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